Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mundaneum: The Whole World In One Place

Conceptual design (TPD&A co-op.)
Poland, 2011

Polish Mundaneum project is a landscape management project located in the northern Poland. The idea was to envision characteristics of 7 continents (Asia, Africa, N. and S. America, Europe, Antarctica and Australia).

The ca. 500 hectare plot was first divided by canals and ponds into main continents and then developed with landscape parks (flora and fauna) typical for each continent. It is supported by proper tourist infrastructure, universal or specific for different regions of the world: restaurants (cuisines of the world) hotels, therapy centers (massages, acupuncture, sauna, salt bath, meditation etc.) and sport facilities (bicycles, kayak, climbing, walking, rodeo, martial arts etc.)

Each continent will have a cultural and financial support from countries included in the design or will have a cultural interchange with this country. There are multiple ways of possible support: ethnic restaurant/cuisine centers, cultural centers (foreign artistic groups shows, ethnic artistic activities, reproduction of characteristic buildings and places or their miniatures (Japanese garden, Sydney opera etc.).

The design will support an ecological corridor contained in the physical management plan and will protect the land and neighboring lands from flood. The land will be transformed like Netherlands polders with use of canals, sluices and constantly working windmills that will drive water pumps. Existing embankments will be reinforced and used for communication purpose. The land will be connected to existing and planned regional routes. To help national and international communication it will be provided with a runway and a necessary airport infrastructure.

The Polish Mundaneum as a multicultural education-tourist center will also create some extra job opportunities for people from all over the region and will take a very important part in the regional development.

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