Friday, September 3, 2010

Red Poppies Symphony

Int. competition / Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall (TPD&A co-op.)
Warsaw, Poland - 2010

Representing a natural landscape which undergoes constant transformation, in our proposal we would like to express this spectacular symbol of a red poppy flower which means so much in Polish imagery. The red poppy will represent the symbolic importance of a new Temple of Warsaw Symphonic Music.

External space arrangement: Taking into consideration existing historical building arrangements we propose a Symphonic Village concept where administrative and auxiliary functions will be housed in the existing pavilions and the central location will be reserved for a main concert hall and a large rehearsal space. The main concert hall will be reflected in the mirror of the water which plays an essential role as an agent for alleviation of the acoustic conditions.

Internal space organization: The concert hall vineyard model chosen for the Sinfonia Varsovia concert hall will bring to the Polish musical landscape additional values and increase its potential. We hope that the symbolic red poppy flowers will add to the Warsaw palette of colors and it’s streaming to a sustainable future.

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