Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BIM-BOM Belgian Immigration Museum - Belgian Opportunity for Modernisation

Int. competition / Brussels Courthouse: Imagine the Future (TPD&A co-op.)
Brussels, Belgium, 2010

The present changes in European society under the pressure of continuous immigration flows are at the forefront of an extraordinary opportunity in Brussels – the Capital of the European Community – to be offered the Palace of Justice for its urgent needs of cultural and social integration.
In this aim we propose to create the European Immigration Museum in order to associate the artistic activities of the cultural mosaic represented by the immigrated population with the juristic structures.
The aim of these newly created structures is to bring the necessary cultural, social and juristic assistance in order to help a better and harmonious integration of the arriving populations to Belgium with various cultural and political backgrounds.

This way we believe to enable the respect of original functions of this historical monument and at the same time remove their present heavy sacral characteristics.
The only way to create the feeling of openness and humanity in this oppressing monumental architecture is to bring it back to nature: sculpted stones to the rocks and let the timorously growing plants envelop their elaborated edges vigorously.
Let the surrounding open spaces become the true suspended gardens with greenery filtering the ambient air and harmonizing the hardness of the contemporary inhuman architecture.

Our society becomes more and more multicultural through the continuous migration of populations. We live our future already today where we all become some kind of immigrants… Immigrants don’t ask many questions and very often their immediate problem is that they must survive.
The Belgian Museum of Immigration will become an every day source of help for them and for the local population, with its multilateral cultural, artistic, economic and juristic infrastructures.

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