Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sand Dune Clouds

Int. competition / Land Art Generator Initiative - Energy Design & Art (TPD&A co-op.)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 2010

The aim of proposed structure is to harmonize existing landscape formed by existing on site sand dunes and vegetation perturbed by presence of the road running along.
The depth of the sky in Abu Dhabi almost blue without any cloud during nearly all the year could be enhanced by the created cloud-like forms, producing for us electrical energy instead of the rain water. This energy based on natural resources (sun and wind) is as necessary for our every day life as the rain water is. 

The natural forms of proposed “Sand Dune Clouds” shaped as a cocoon by several levels of optic fiber web fabric composing external skin should appear in the existing landscape as an ephemeral structure softening the hard and artificial image of the existing road.
Purposely we do not extend our composition to the water limits to respect the natural existing condition of the shoreline and aquatic ecosystems but we offer an opportunity of observation of this unique natural area from the integrated to the Sand Dune Clouds volumes and from the extended bridged timber footpath network. 

The encounter of Sun, Sand and Water produce a dynamic relationship, in which our land art participate adding a complementary value creating a light and refreshing ambience in a natural way.

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