Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mundaneum: The Whole World In One Place

Conceptual design (TPD&A co-op.)
Poland, 2011

Polish Mundaneum project is a landscape management project located in the northern Poland. The idea was to envision characteristics of 7 continents (Asia, Africa, N. and S. America, Europe, Antarctica and Australia).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BIM-BOM Belgian Immigration Museum - Belgian Opportunity for Modernisation

Int. competition / Brussels Courthouse: Imagine the Future (TPD&A co-op.)
Brussels, Belgium, 2010

The present changes in European society under the pressure of continuous immigration flows are at the forefront of an extraordinary opportunity in Brussels – the Capital of the European Community – to be offered the Palace of Justice for its urgent needs of cultural and social integration.
In this aim we propose to create the European Immigration Museum in order to associate the artistic activities of the cultural mosaic represented by the immigrated population with the juristic structures.
The aim of these newly created structures is to bring the necessary cultural, social and juristic assistance in order to help a better and harmonious integration of the arriving populations to Belgium with various cultural and political backgrounds.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Red Poppies Symphony

Int. competition / Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall (TPD&A co-op.)
Warsaw, Poland - 2010

Representing a natural landscape which undergoes constant transformation, in our proposal we would like to express this spectacular symbol of a red poppy flower which means so much in Polish imagery. The red poppy will represent the symbolic importance of a new Temple of Warsaw Symphonic Music.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Parco Solare Suspended Gardens *

Int. competition / Parco Solare Sud - International Ideas Competition (TPD&A co-op.)
Reggio di Calabria, Italy - 2010

1- Heal the wounds done to the Mother Nature promoting creative economy mechanisms by valorisation of existing fixtures in aim to prevent the predicted climate change impacts and discourage new construction for to reduce rapidly GHG emissions.

2- Create suspended garden vertical and horizontal structures, enabling better expression of dramatic beauty of existing engineering works and their better integration to the natural surroundings.

3- Locate renewable energy experimental labs in the created suspended structures as form of mutating land art.

4- Convert the S-N carriage into suspended gardens connected to the tourist itineraries situated on natural ground through the ramp system.

5- Promote regional beauty introducing pedestrian and bicycle tourist itineraries and their logistic infrastructures integrated into created installations. Proposed land art structures aims to enhance respectful and balanced attitude towards existing flora & fauna.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sand Dune Clouds

Int. competition / Land Art Generator Initiative - Energy Design & Art (TPD&A co-op.)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 2010

The aim of proposed structure is to harmonize existing landscape formed by existing on site sand dunes and vegetation perturbed by presence of the road running along.
The depth of the sky in Abu Dhabi almost blue without any cloud during nearly all the year could be enhanced by the created cloud-like forms, producing for us electrical energy instead of the rain water. This energy based on natural resources (sun and wind) is as necessary for our every day life as the rain water is.